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Hi there,

My name is Julien, french dude, living in Mayotte.
Not a lot of blues here...but you can still find some guys joining for a concert at the yacht club. I heard a Mauricien guy Eric Triton, there, for the first time, some kind of guitarist!! check him out:
I love the Blues, I'd like to be able to play it one day with my guitar.
Here to lurn more and more about the Blues, to discover other artists, and to share good songs and moments.
By the way, have you ever heard of the "La charité sur loire" blues festival?
I was lucky to be there in 2005 before I have got to go live in an indian ocean island...and had a real good time listening to local bands and international artists like Ray Sharp, John Primer and Nora Jean Bruso.
If you come to France and want to visit the real country, taste some good wine and cheese, and listen to good music, come to La charité sur loire blues festival during summer!!!

Now I say bye, have a good one, thank you for having me in your community, sorry for my english...

Ain't nothing like the Blues!
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as it turns out french guys can really rock when it come to playing guitar. I was at a blues jam (electric) in falls church which is in the washington Dc area and there was a french kid named Jeremy who was fantastic. He played really well. changed my whole opinion of french guys, no just kidding but yeah he is great so at least there are two french blues dudes

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If you like acoustic blues, come to the barbershop on Saturday afternoons.
Details at .

Bangkok blues in falls church has good Thai food and excellent blues & jazz. JVs is an ash tray, but has good music. The Surf Club in Bladensberg is a standard. And for that matter, check out the DC blues society. Their newsletter and website ususally list a lot of doings.
well the blues jam is at Bangkok Blues checkout I think is the site. there is all kinds of good blues around. That's just where I sometime go on sunday nights. there is the Archie Edwards barber shop acoustic jam, Jim, who posts here sometime is the expert on that. YOu can always check the dc blues society website for shows and listings I think that is
that would be Jim who posted above me
Thank you for your answer, I bet you'll find even more than 2 french blues dudes...
I have been to New orleans hoping to find some howsome places to listen to good jams...and I found it a little touristy, I didn't find any intimist smokey bars that I dreamed about, I was in Bourbon street...
Next time I'll come to the States I want to find the real thing!!
Should I come in W.D.C.?
yeah we got lots of stuff. better come soon before Chick Hall's Surf Club closes, thats the real deal, but yeah we got lots of great blues here
If it's still open in 2 years I might.
nope it wont last that long. There are other great places and I am sure once chick halls closes there will be another place that takes over as the center of the blues world here
For that matter, a terrific harp player from France dropped in to our local jam about two years ago. Apparently he is pretty well known in harp circles as 'Froggie'. I think he came in part to visit Alan Holmes, who is one of the best in the DC area. Anyway, this fellow played great blues, but also could do all sorts of Irish stuff. Wish I could remember more.

I'm sure I could get my wife to go to France for any reason. I suppose I will have to google the festival. Is this all concerts or are there workshops and opportunities for people who want to jam?
I am sure you could get her to go to france easily, it;s leaving that would be the trick
right on!!!
I bet anything that's not your country sound interesting and loving but any places are charming...
I'll try to get some informations for you, but you might have to go to a bigger festival for workshops, I'll let you know about it...
You could jam for sure with them, what do you play?
The bigger festival I'm speaking about is "Cognac Blues Passions". I heard a lot about it but never got to go.
I know that they have a master class thing but can't tell you if it's any good.
I'm sure your wife would love to see France, and the good thing is to get out of Paris and to see the real France!!!