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Hey Y'all

Well I am glad to see there is a Delta Blues community on here, even if there has not been much action on it lately.

I'm new to LJ and I was born in the Mississippi Delta. The blues is in my blood. I have an Uncle named James 'Son' Thomas who got pretty well known as a musician and sculptor before his death a few years back. He lived in Leland MS in a little neighborhood called 'black dog' for most of his later years.

His son (my cousin), Raymond Earl Thomas lived with him and learned a few of his licks. He was playing the annual Delta Blues Fest for a for a few years...

I also have an Aunt named Denise LaSalle who does a raunchy kind of soul/blues: "Lick it before you stick it" she wrote that.

Anybody heard of 'em?

Anyway, the reason I write is to hip y'all to a guy I say a PBS documentary on about a year ago. His name is Richard Johnston. White guy, living in Memphis TN, apparently he has a steady gig on Beale St. (..on the street) but he draws larger crowds that some of the clubs do.

Real interesting guy with a north-mississippi hill-country kind of sound that is just incredible. It really gives me hope for what the future of the blues might hold.
He plays a variety of instruments (all at once sometimes) including this funky sounding 3 string electrified cigar-box-broom-handle contraption called a "lowebow."

Check him out

(sorry if the link doesn't work, I tried)
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