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Buddy Guy and Robert Cray vs Los Lobos

Hi I am a new member to this community.

Buddy Guy with Band (supported by Robert Cray with Band) and Los Lobos are coming to my neck of the woods in Australia.

I can't afford to see both shows maybe just one of them.

Has anyone seen any of these guys live lately.

Any recommendations.
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Buddy Guy, definitely. He's a legend, you know (Robert Cray is a legend as well, but a lesser one). If you miss their gig, you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

I knew a guy who hitch-hiked all the way from Moscow to the Netherlands just to be on Buddy's concert. Maybe I should start thinking of going to Australia, too ;) Can't be that far as they tell us with those maps...
Buddy Guy. I have been luck to see him two times now and both times it was a great show. Robert Cray is great but I would listen to the blues man any time.
I saw buddy guy here in virginia and he was super fantastic. He took his strat off stage and went through the crowd with it. I was like a foot from BUDDY GUY. I coudlnt believe it. he puts of a great show. I would totally recomend seeing him.
Where was the show? I almost went to a show about a year ago, but I think they sold old before I got around to calling. Something like that.
it was at wolf trap with susan tedeschi and some other band I didnt like. I buy all my wolf trap tickets on the first day they are available so I was golden.

I read about Buddy Guy going into the crowd and playing his guitar.

Well that settles it I will have to get out and check him out then.

If I manage to see Buddy Guy will try to post a review on LJ.

Los fucking Lobos, no question. I am biased being from LA, but Los Lobos are by far the more enjoyable group to marvel at.
Buddy Guy, Buddy Guy, Buddy Guy. No contest. Buddy's the man. I saw him at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas two years ago with BB King, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan, ZZ Top, Santana, Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, James Taylor, and a shitload of other people. See Buddy.

Buddy Guy Tix are $120 Australian thats about $80.00 US

Thats alot to pay. Still contemplating whether to invest the money in seeing him live or buy heaps of CD's instead.

How much have other people paid to see Buddy overseas out of curiosity.

Ive heard gigs in America are generally heaps cheaper.